Friday, January 28, 2011

White Christmas

Out in the field at Cape Evans with five others from the AHT I am celebrating my first ever white Christmas! The day seemed to sneak up on us without the usual barrage of advertising or carols on the radio that you would expect in regular life.

Our celebrations started with fried eggs on toast for a late breakfast (a special treat considering that we are in the field) and a tradition brought to our team by Scottish conservation carpenter Jamie 'Jam' Ward. The team enjoyed a leisurely morning prior to lunch when the camp divided into Northern Hemisphere (Randy, Jam and Martin) and Southern Hemisphere (Al, J.T and myself) for Christmas games. J.T organized the games for the day with the “stick” game, dunnage toss (basically caber toss but with spare pieces of workshop lumber) and the “rope” game all being competed as teams and individuals, The Southerners coming out victors!

(dunnage toss)
The afternoon we went for a group walk up to the top ridge beside the Barne Glacier to enjoy the sunny still day and awe inspiring panoramic views.

(What a view)
To top the day off we exchanged gifts through a previously arranged secret Santa over a brilliantly cooked dinner.

(Christmas dinner in the field)
All in all a Christmas I will never forget!

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