Thursday, November 25, 2010

Historic Huts - Cape Royds, aka Home!

The trip to Royds was bliss. On the way we stopped close by the Barne Glacier for photos of the spectacular blues and I jumped on the quad bike for the remaining 45 minutes to Royds. That journey in itself was a highlight as I cruised across the sea-ice, all layered up for protection from the wind.
On arrival we were greeted by a curious Adelie penguin who showed off his speed and came within a couple of metres of us. Next I went to the Nimrod hut, with the intention of spending ten minutes to myself to take in the detail of a polar explorer's life over 100 years ago. The hut itself is situated opposite the fastest growing Adelie penguin colony in the world. Either side of the ridge shadowing the hut is the sea, covered in ice with spectacular snow covered mountain ranges and glaciers off in the distance.
Shackleton's hut is filled with light and is a very warming place. The open plan living as well as the smaller size made it feel like a perfectly preserved back country New Zealand hut. An affectionate place where I would happily eat at the table and bunk down in the preserved fur blankets for the night. I remembered Lady Hillary telling me of how Sir Ed had seen the ghost of Shackleton come out to greet him, and couldn't help but feel a comforting spirit surround me in the hut.

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