Monday, January 11, 2010

The art of procrastination

To delay the inevitable task of trying to pack my million pairs of socks along with many other necessary (and perhaps not so necessary) items, my cousins and I had a bit of a dress-up session in my newly issued Antarctic Extreme Weather (AEW) gear. They thought it was great! (And my auntie and uncle couldn't resist either! :) )

Inspecting my Antarctica clothing kit on the lounge floor

Alex, Uncle Gary, Riley and Auntie Chris having fun dressing up

Me joining in on the dress up session

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Anonymous said...

Hae Nat Itz Maysha. It looks like heaps of fun. We paking to go camping at the mo, heading to Angelas tonite and leavin early Sat mornin for Otamure Bay. Keep us posted, and have FUN!!!!