Tuesday, January 6, 2009

The Antarctic Treaty and its significance

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The Antarctic Treaty (June 23, 1961) is a legal agreement that dedicates the area south of latitude 60°S, including the entire Antarctic continent, ice shelves and offshore islands to peace and science. This sentiment and the Treaty were inspired by the international scientific community, whom despite territorial conflict among nations and the prospect of military activities in Antarctica, designated 1957-58 as the International Geophysical Year. This worldwide effort involved twelve nations cooperating in Antarctica on globally important scientific research. The ensuing Treaty suspended any political claims to territory and banned all military activity on the continent, except that in support of scientific programs.

The Antarctic Treaty has proven very effective and continues to be significant for international relations, scientific endeavor and the environmental protection of Antarctica. Forty-five countries, representing two thirds of the world’s population have signed the Treaty. Signatory nations cooperate and share responsibility for this unique region that has no indigenous peoples, and that no one owns, but that constitutes 10% of both the world’s land surface and oceans. The Treaty encourages the free exchange of scientific resources, plans, information and personnel among signatory nations. Through this collaborative research of international scientists we have gained a much richer understanding of Antarctica, the Southern Ocean and our world. Thus, we are better equipped to protect the Antarctic environment. Although the Antarctic Treaty itself does not stipulate any environmental protocol and is not binding, it has created the spirit and underlying philosophy to which the behaviour of signatory nations adhere.

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